The Majestic Elephant

The elephant is the largest of all jungle animals by far!

But don’t let that fool you, the Elephant is also one of the most intelligent and caring animals in the Jungle. Elephants have a strong matriarchal family structure that strongly values the family bond.    

Elephants teaches us that loyalty, companionship, and unity is super important for a good life.

The Story of How Elephant Got It's Long Nose

A South African folklore story handed down many generations is of how the Mighty Elephant got his trunk.

According to the folklore, Elephant only had a small mouth many, many centuries ago. It didn’t bother Elephant at all. His small nose made it easier to eat and drink. We all know that because of Elephant’s giant size, he has to eat and drink a great deal to keep up his energy and strength. What he did find was that having to go onto his bended knees to eat and drink was very uncomfortable.

One day at the river, Elephant was kneeling down to drink the cool water. Crocodile swam past Elephant. Crocodile was very hungry and thought that he would be able to feed on Elephant for many weeks. Crocodile dropped under the water and swam stealthily towards where Elephant was kneeling. Crocodile jumped out of the water and grabbed Elephant by his small nose. Elephant tried to fight back, trying to free his nose from Crocodile’s fierce grip.

But, Crocodile had a tight grip on Elephant’s nose. Crocodile pulled and twisted, but he couldn’t pull Elephant into the water. Elephant was so strong that they were in a battle of tug-and-war for many hours. Elephant’s nose stretched every hour, little by little.

Eventually, Crocodile was exhausted from the fight and could pull no more against Elephant. As soon as Crocodile let go of his grip on Elephant, Elephant bolted into the bush with his very long nose hanging down to his knees.

Poor Elephant was distraught and embarrassed to show his face to the other animals. However, Elephant did realise that his new, longer nose was far more useful than his small nose before. He was able to eat and drink far easier and more comfortably than ever before. He could also reach high up into the trees to eat fruit and leaves, and could drink water without kneeling.

All the other elephants soon realised the benefits of having a long nose. Each one visited Crocodile, so that he would pull their noses into long trunks too. The other elephants always beat Crocodile in this tug-of-war, and today all elephants have long trunks.