Cute Unicorn - Angelique's Toys

Magical Unicorn!

Unicorns are some of the most powerful creatures in fairy tales. 

Known for their magical healing powers, Unicorns have long been…Read More

Brave Lion!

The Lion is King of the Jungle and the bravest of the animals, according to African folklore.

The Brave Lion will make a perfect friend for your little one as well as…Read More

Elephant Angeliques Toys

Majestic Elephant!

Elephant is the largest of all jungle animals by far

But don’t let that fool you, Elephant is also one of the most intelligent and caring…Read More

Angelique's Toys Crochet Cuddly Sheep

Cuddly Sheep!

Everyone knows that counting sheep will make you sleep.

But if you have the Cuddly Sheep you only need to count to one because this…Read More

Angelique's Toys Zebra

Beautiful Zebra!

Did you know that every Zebra is Unique? No two Zebras in the world have the same stripe pattern.

The same goes for our Beautiful Zebra, no two are the same! This unique…Read More

Angelique's Toys Giraffe

Tall Giraffe!

Did you know that the Giraffe’s neck is too short to reach the ground?

Its long neck can reach the leaves on the highest branches of the Trees but…Read More