The Cuddly Sheep

Everyone knows that counting sheep will make you sleep.

But if you have the Cuddly Sheep, you only need to count to one because this soft and cuddly sheep makes the ideal companion for a good night’s rest (or just a quick nap). 

Handmade with care and attention there is no better gift to give to a loved one (human or not) to cuddle up with. The Cuddly Sheep will help them Sleep soft and sound. 

Gifting the Cuddly Sheep will also help you sleep, knowing that not only did you give a beautiful, thoughtful gift, but you also helped a mother hold her head high and provide a meal for her family.

The Story About The Sheep and the Dogs

Sheep are beautiful and loving creatures. They also have magical connections. This is the story of why sheep and dogs live side by side in the fields.

A long time ago, a flock of sheep were enjoying their sunny day in a rich green field of grass and flowers. There were trees for the sheep to relax under when the sun got too hot and at the bottom of the field was a freshwater spring for them to drink from.

The farmer that owned this flock of sheep kept 3 dogs. Whenever the farmer wanted the sheep to move to another field, or to another part of this lovely field, he sent his 3 dogs to control the sheep. Sheep aren’t as fast nor as energetic as dogs. In fact, the sheep can be a little lazy. The dogs would snap at the sheep heels, bark loudly behind them, and shove them with their noses to move. 

One day, a fairy appeared alongside the freshwater spring. The sheep invited her to drink as much as she wanted. The fairy asked the sheep what she could do for them. The sheep thought this offer over and discussed it amongst themselves.

The sheep agreed between themselves that they’d like the fairy to take the dogs away from their field.

When the sheep went to sleep that night, they heard no barking dogs in their field. The fairy had removed the dogs.

Just before dawn, the sheep were awoken with a dreadful noise close to where they were huddled for the night. The noise came closer and closer. Then there were more noises from other directions. 

“Wolves, wolves, wolves!” shouted the sheep.

There were no dogs in the field to protect the sheep from the wolves.

The fairy appeared and asked the sheep what they wanted. The sheep asked for the dogs to return, to save them and protect them from wolves.

The fairy said: “Don’t complain about the dogs in the future – they’re your best friends.”

From then on, sheep and dogs have remained best of friends.

Our Sheep will make a perfect friend for your little one. This Sheep is handmade in South Africa by artisans depending on the sales of these toys to put food on the table for their families.

Each Sheep is unique: bigger, smaller, thinner, thicker, longer nose, smaller mane, softer. They’re all amazing!

The Rare Bear Project, a charitable organization, manages the creation of these beautiful toy animals focused on raising awareness for rare diseases. These toys provide companionship for those children living with rare diseases, bringing them comfort in their most desperate times.Everyone knows that counting sheep will make you sleep.

But if you have the Cuddly Sheep you only need to count to one because this