The Magical Unicorn

Unicorns are some of the most powerful magical creatures in fairy tales. 

Known for their magical healing powers, Unicorns have long been been a symbol of magic and accomplishment. Unicorns can do amazing things and so can we. 

Give the Magical Unicorn to your child and teach them they also have magic in them and that they can achieve anything as long as they believe.

The Tale of the Magical Unicorn

Old folklore from Europe is that a venomous snake went to a lake to drink. It saw lots of animals drinking, too. It hid in the bushes and tried to catch one of the animals as they walked past, but they were too quick for the lazy snake.

This snake thought of how it could catch its next dinner. The snake hissed its venom into the lake until it had no more venom in its body. The water became poisoned, and the animals got sick when they drank from this lake.

Running from the water, the animals feared being poisoned. A unicorn heard the commotion and wanted to help. The unicorn bravely walked to the lake and dipped his horn into the poisoned water. This magically removed the poison venom from the lake. The water became safe for all the animals to drink.

The snake saw this and was defeated. He slithered away from the lake as the animals once again moved to the water.

Did you also know that Scotland made the unicorn their national animal? From our research, we think it is the only country in the world with this amazing creature as its national animal.

However, we’re not surprised at all though. Unicorns are magical.

Our Unicorn will make a perfect friend for your little one. This Unicorn is handmade in South Africa by artisans depending on the sales of these toys to put food on the table for their families.