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Angelique's Toys Zebra

The Brave Lion

The Lion is the king of the Jungle, the bravest of the animals according to African folklore.

The Stripy Zebra will make a perfect friend for your little one as well as present a great learning opportunity to teach them about Bravery and the importance of using your strength for good. 

The Zebras are handmade in South Africa by artisans that depend on the sales of these toys to keep food on the table for their families.

Each Zebra looks a little different with its’s own characteristics – a little bigger, a little smaller, thinner, thicker, bigger nose, wider stripes, softer, springier – Just like the real Zebras out there. Another great learning opportunity that allows you to help your little one understand that not everyone is the same and that everyone should embrace and use the ways they are different.

The creation of these beautiful individual animals is managed by the Rear Bear Project, a charitable organization that started off creating these toys for people with Rare Diseases. 

One of the most important messages of Angelique’s Toys, The Rare bear Project, and these beautiful furry friends is that we are all different. Nobody is perfect and the most important thing in life is to love yourself and the people around you for who they are. To focus on the good and not the bad.

If you value that message and want to make sure it is instilled into your little one the Brave Lion is the ideal friend to get that conversation started.