The Beautiful Zebra

Did you know that every Zebra is Unique? No two Zebras in the world have the same stripe pattern.

The same goes for our Beautiful Zebra, no two are the same! Each Zebra is unique: bigger, smaller, thinner, thicker, longer nose, smaller mane, softer. They’re all amazing!

It is a wonderful lesson to learn: We are also all different, but that does not mean that some are better than others. We need to love and respect every person on earth for who they are. 

The Tale of How Zebra Got His Stripes

Is a zebra white with black stripes? Or is it black with white stripes? Did the zebra always have stripes? African folklore tales share how the zebra got its stripes.

According to the ancient tales handed down from generation to generation in Africa, Zebra didn’t enjoy being too far from a water source. In Africa, the weather is hot and there are very few pools of water.

At one of these watering holes hundreds of years ago, bossy Baboon claimed to be king of a particular watering hole and forbade any other animal from drinking at his pool.

Zebra and his son, thirsty from walking a long distance over the grassy plains, arrived at Baboon’s pool of water. Baboon saw Zebra and his son about to sip the water. Baboon jumped into the water and screamed loudly: “I’m the king of this water. Go away, intruders!”

Zebra called back to Baboon: “This water is for everyone. No one can be king of a pool of water in Africa. We all share water.”

Baboon challenged Zebra and his son: “If you want to drink some of my water, you must fight me for the right to it.”

Zebra and Baboon fought hard, with each giving the other huge hits, dust and dirt flying, and screams and shrieks of pain. Zebra kicked Baboon with his hind legs, sending Baboon flying into a tree. Baboon landed heavily on the bum, taking all the hair off. To this very day, baboons have a bare bum because of this.

Tired and exhausted from the long fight, Zebra stumbled into Baboon’s cooking fire. It burned Zebra, leaving him with long and deep black scorch marks across his white fur. Zebra ran away with his son to the grasslands and to this day, baboons and zebras aren’t friends.

That is the story of how Zebra got his stripes. Today, Zebra is a beautiful animal with its black stripes, walking the African plains with pride.

Our Zebra will make a perfect friend for your little one. This Zebra is handmade in South Africa by artisans depending on the sales of these toys to put food on the table for their families.